Hire Car Recovery

Hire Car Recovery

Generally connected with motor vehicle accidents are hire cars. Your vehicle has been scheduled for repair following a collision and you need a vehicle to get around with in the meantime.

Hiring a replacement vehicle is one way of alleviating some of the stress and inconvenience associated with a motor vehicle collision.

However, hiring a car is not free and depending on how long you may need one, it can prove costly. This is all the more frustrating because the collision which sent your vehicle into repairs was not even your fault.

We can assist you in the recovery of hire car charges incurred by you from the at-fault party or their insurer.


The law associated with the recovery of hire car charges is complex and constantly evolving. It is not as simple as making a demand on the other party, but must be considered exhaustively and in context.

We draw on years of experience to simplify the process of recovery and ensure that our clients are adequately compensated for their loss. Our intimate understanding of the law ensures that we obtain the information and documents we require at an early stage to resolve matters as quickly as possible, while also maximising the amount we recover.

We maintain good relationships with the insurers usually involved in such claims, which enables us to resolve matters quicker and avoid protracted and costly legal proceedings.

We are transparent about our fees and endeavour to charge a fixed rate for our service to provide you with certainty and peace of mind.

So if you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision and have had a need to arrange a hire car, or if you are a supplier of hire car vehicles and need advice on your contractual arrangement, recovery of fees or guidance as to the process involved to ensure you maximise recovery of your loss, please speak to us.


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