Third Party Motor vehicle Property Damage

Third Party Motor Vehicle Property Damage

There are some specialist areas of debt recovery that not many people can deal with, but for which we have the expertise to assist.

We act for independent smash repairers – and assist with not-at-fault claims management and recoveries.

Typically an accident occurs and the customer goes to the smash repairer of their choice.

If the smash repairer considers the customer is not-at-fault and the party who is at fault has insurance then we can quickly and seamlessly assist the smash repairer repair the vehicle and recover the costs associated with the repair.

Third Party Motor Vehicle Property DamageWe handle the complete process of;

  • Contacting the insurer at fault
  • Confirming liability is accepted
  • Confirming indemnity has been granted to the at-fault party
  • Recovering the cost from the at-fault insurer

The benefits of this service are:

  • The repairer retains more work
  • The repairer recovers a maximum amount for the repair
  • The repairer minimises time in administration
  • The repairer maximises work and income
  • The repairer keeps customers without them being steered away by others

As soon as the vehicle enters the repairer’s workshop we start work by relieving the repairer of the burden of dealing with the at-fault insurer and the assessor.

Fixed fees/no costs

The repairer incurs no costs up front – our costs are taken out of the settlement money.

Third Party Motor vehicle Property Damage

Even after we deduct our costs and disbursement the repairer is far better off financially than had they been dealing with the insurer directly.

As a full and complete service we can also work with you to discover income-generating opportunities such as the provision of hire cars to customers and recovery of that expense.

For your peace of mind, fees are fixed at the outset and we work transparently and efficiently to improve turnaround time, cash flow and satisfaction of your customers.
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Let Us Take the Hassle Out of Your Recoveries

Gavel & Page understands the needs of your business and how much time and loss can be caused in dealing directly with insurers. Contact Gavel & Page today to find out how we can assist improve your efficiency and cash flow.


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