Youth off the Streets Charity Event

We have been long term supporters of Youth Off the Streets and the ongoing work they do for our young Australians and the difference they make in their lives.

Gavel & Page Lawyers have proudly organised two previous charity events for Youth Off the Streets, which were very well received and where close to $100,000 was raised.

We wanted to continue our support for Youth Off the Streets on an ongoing basis and so we have decided to donate $15.00 from every conveyancing transaction to Youth Off the Streets.

Particularly for us, as property and construction lawyers, we deal with property in its many forms and at many stages, whether residential or commercial and whether it be purchasing, selling or building. In dealing with these transactions daily, you can easily take many things for granted.

It is easy to forget that many people do not have the opportunity to even consider such an investment and worse still, live in such toxic environments, that the property in which they live could never be called a home.

We have always been passionate about two things: our young Australians and homelessness.

We believe that the maturing, inexperienced, suggestible and vulnerable young of Australia should be nurtured, treated with care and respect, protected and be given the opportunity to go to school, grow, develop and live in hope. These basic rights should not be taken from anybody.

Unfortunately, a lot of these things we do not see, because they happen behind closed doors.

Some things however, we do see, in particular, young and old alike living on the streets, without food, warmth, protection, money or comfort. Even the most desensitised of us still feel that slight uneasiness at the sight of a hungry, cold and lonely individual and wish for some change.

For these reasons, we are proud ongoing supporters of Youth Off the Streets.

Youth Off The Streets is a non-denominational community organisation working for young people aged 12 to 25 who are facing challenges of homelessness, drug dependency, disadvantage, exclusion from school, neglect and abuse.

Youth Off The Streets provide a range of services that support our young people as they work to turn their lives around and overcome immense personal traumas such as neglect and physical, psychological and emotional abuse. Their goal is that these young people will leave their care drug free, with a high school education, living skills and full or part time job in hand.

“Every day, Gavel & Page Lawyers work to see that our clients set foot in a property they call home. They all have decent jobs and come from a good education, with the world of opportunity at their feet.

Having lived much of my life in the Sydney suburb of Redfern, I often reflect on times where I have seen kids who may never have this opportunity due to homelessness, lack of education, crime or drug abuse.

No Australian, let alone our youth, should ever be without a home and everybody should be afforded some very basic rights… I guess this is a small stepping stone for us in wanting to contribute to that difference.”

Joseph Taouk – Principal Gavel & Page Lawyers

Since opening in 1991, Youth Off The Streets has grown from a single food van delivering meals to young homeless people on the streets of Kings Cross to a major youth specific agency offering a full continuum of care through delivery of a wide range of services.

Their 35 services include crisis accommodation, alcohol and other drug services, counselling, accredited high schools, outreach and residential treatment programs. Volunteers support them every step of the way.

Every dollar goes a very long way in assisting Youth Off The Streets in their efforts and makes a world of difference to those being helped.