General Debt Recovery

General Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Lawyers Make Your Dispute Disappear

At some point, most industries, companies and individuals will engage third-party suppliers to supply goods or provide services. In any such arrangement, disputes may arise that require the involvement of debt recovery lawyers.

In our experience, some of the more common disputes involve:

  • Whether goods that were purchased actually arrived;
  • What condition the goods were in upon arrival, if they arrived;
  • Whether services were performed, or how the services were performed compared to what was promised;
  • Or a break-down in relations leading to delayed payments or no payment at all.

These examples have a common thread: a reason exists (justified or not) as to why one party has refused to pay another party for a good or service provided.

Whether it be outstanding professional fees, failure to pay for a good delivered, dispute as to the condition of a good and therefore the amount payable, strata-scheme-related levy payments by owners, or loss and damage arising from a motor vehicle collision, debt recovery lawyers can help resolve the matter quickly and effectively.

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Each Dispute Requires Tailored Support

The nature of the dispute, the value of the debt, the complexity of the matter and the specific circumstances associated with it will determine what advice is required and how the situation ought to be dealt with.

For example, the dispute may entail:

  • Professional services that remain unpaid;
  • Payment for goods or services that have not been delivered;
  • Local councils and government bodies’ rates or financial obligations;
  • Disputes over the quality of materials or services; and
  • Disagreements over a contractual arrangement.

In such scenarios, the indebted parties can be pursued through negotiation or formal proceedings, or otherwise defend such action.

From Debt Dispute to Resolution in 3 Steps

How Gavel & Page debt recovery lawyers help you resolve your dispute:

  1. We typically start by understanding the nature of the agreement and the good or service provided, or the circumstances leading to payment being owed.
  2. We will assess the conduct of the parties and the facts to ensure you have a right to demand the payment.
  3. We will then generally issue a demand and, subject to the response, proceed with more formal action to ensure you can recover what is owed.

Beyond these actions, we also will advise you on the process involved to recover your money, hurdles or technical issues, as well as the risks and commercial considerations associated with the dispute.

Similarly, we assist in enforcing judgements obtained on behalf of a creditor, preparing and issuing garnishee orders, winding up applications and any other forms of enforcement available.