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The Power of Mediation

It may seem odd that we would discuss mediation in the context of disputes. While mediation is not a form of dispute, it is certainly a tool to help resolve them.

If anything, the ability to effectively communicate with competing parties, address the source of issues in dispute and manage competing interests to achieve an amicable outcome which benefits the parties involved, is both an art and a science and an extremely critical tool in any dispute.

Mediation exists because litigation is not always the ideal option. It is usually in the best interest of the client to examine mediation first.

Our initial step, in any apparent dispute, is to make an assessment of the matter and evidence available to confirm that a dispute actually exists and is not merely a perceived dispute, or a break-down in communications or relations.

Paperwork is critical, but it is one dimensional. We work with you to see the matter from your perspective, in the proper context so that our advice can be geared to the best possible outcome.
The aim of mediation is to prevent litigation, or to resolve any current proceedings, and arrive at an amicable resolution and save our clients’ time and money.

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Ultimately, litigation always carries with it risk and is always time consuming and costly. It is important to properly and accurately assess the risks you face and the time and money you will spend and weigh those considerations up against all possible options available to determine if a commercial compromise is the most suitable and, if so, the nature of that compromise.

In court the decision is made for you, in mediation you make a decision that you will be satisfied with.