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Gavel & Page Lawyers Privacy Policy.

Your privacy is important to us and we are serious about ensuring your protection. Certain regulations also apply that govern issues of privacy as dictated by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Our 2016 privacy policy highlights how we collect data and how and where / when such data is used and applies to all data received by us in any circumstance.

Information Collected and Its Purpose

We collect a great deal of information including personal details of clients and prospective clients, we also have information regarding suppliers, employees and a range of third party entities with which we deal or come into contact with.
That information specifically might range from names and contact details, to residential and business addresses and contact information, personal details such as date of birth, signatures, photographs and other sensitive information directly or indirectly related with the above information, or in connection with dealing with clients or matters on their behalf.
Most of this information collected is necessary as part of the services being provided to you, without which, may make the provision of certain services difficult or impractical.
If we have collected information about you from somebody other than you, we will treat that information with the utmost respect and in accordance with this policy and also take reasonable steps to ensure you are aware of the information that has been collected.
We are entitled to assume that if you provide us with information about somebody or another entity that is not you, that you have the express consent of that other entity to do so.

Purpose of Collecting Information
The information we collect is only ever information that is reasonable and/or necessary in connection with:

  • Being able to contact you, whether by phone or email or otherwise;
  • Undertaking “conflict checks” to ensure we have no conflict in representing any particular individual against another;
  • Manage our business, systems and processes;
  • Maintain sufficient and accurate records;
  • Provide services we are engaged to provide;
  • To obtain your consent and with your consent publish and distribute reviews and testimonials you may provide and/or submit to you marketing and other collateral or publications with respect to our services or the services of a third party; and/or
  • Request from you: feedback and similar information or opinions.

It is generally necessary to obtain relevant information from you before you are officially a client. The type of information and its purpose varies. Sometimes, the type of information required is to ensure that we have no conflict should we proceed to act on your behalf (as mentioned above), otherwise, the information requested may be directly or incidentally related to the actual provision of the services or our need to investigate or consider matters on your behalf. Otherwise the information collected may be used for other means and may be related to informing you of services or for the provision of other items as discussed above.

As a client who has engaged our firm, we will necessarily collect any and all information necessary to conduct any of the services for which we have been engaged and to at any stage, communicate with you about our other services or for the reasons identified above.
All information is kept secure online and also in paper based files as the case may be and as relevant.
All files and information is retained by us for a period of 7 years, unless otherwise required or directed by you in addition to this.
Generally, the information obtained by us will be collected through either direct communication with clients on the phone or in conference, or otherwise, through enquiries or other forms on our website or some other digital means. In some instances, and in the course of a matter, third parties, like accountants and others may disclose information to us, which is usually done as part of your instructions and with your consent.


Cloud Services
Our email and certain other data operate through and are stored in the cloud. We ensure that data remains housed in Australia and that our service providers comply with the Australian privacy laws.


The Information that is provided to us is stored on computer and paper based files as the case may be and as applicable. All reasonable efforts are made to ensure the security of that information and data from loss, theft, corruption and unauthorised access or disclosure.
All information is of the utmost importance and is always kept confidential, except in circumstances of compulsion by law or with your consent, or in some circumstances, where disclosure of information will serve to lessen any loss or damage to you, the data or another person or entity, that may be imminent and/or serious.

We monitor data and collect information from our website. We may assess volume of users who have visited, services inspected and other usage details. The purpose of such collection of information is to enable us to assess relevance and value of services and to continue to refine our user experience and service offering and/or improve any issues with the website from a technical standpoint or otherwise. In some instances, generally from a marketing perspective, the use of cookies will be implemented for research and improvement in this context.
Cookies enable us to identify you from other users who may be on our site, whilst browsing on our site. Not only do they enable us to give you a more personalised experience, but they also assist us in improving services. This might be to remember options or selections you have previously made, or otherwise to personalise the information you see or receive.
Otherwise, the cookies might be used to advertise to individuals who may have previously used our site and selected certain preferences, enabling us to provide them with tailored information or services once they have left our site. Any third party websites that may have cookie use and/or that may be linked to our site or have links with our site in anyway should be checked by you, as we do not control the third party’s use of cookies or their privacy policies and we accept no liability in this regard.

You are able to block the use of cookies on any site through the settings present in your browser.


Business Development and Client Services
We send out to our clients from time to time information, updates or promotions in connection with our business and/or the services we provide.
We focus on relationships with client and seek to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with them.
As part of that aim, information is collected from clients such as past services, contact information, preferences and other similar categories for the purpose of fostering further promotional and other communications and dialogue with our clients.


Disclosure of information is limited and largely consistent with the uses discussed in this policy, which include:

  • Marketing to you or providing you with information of any kind;
  • Legal compulsion to do so;
  • Third party consultants who provide assistance or services to us in the form of marketing related services or business process or other related services that may be incidental to the services for which we have been engaged;
  • To agencies and organisations where you have defaulted on payment of our fees (including credit agencies and/or courts among others);
  • Where there may be a sale or transfer of our business, disclosure of certain information related to our clientele and other information that may have been collected over time may be required, but always and only in good faith; and
  • For other incidental or reasonable reasons as outlined in this policy.

For employees of our organisation who may access or collect the same or similar information, they are also bound by this policy and the laws of Australia.

We may amend this policy from time to time as necessary and provide an updated policy on our website without notice.

Contact us
Should you have an issue, concern, question or complaint about privacy and Gavel & Page Lawyer’s use of information or privacy policy, please contact us at either or (02) 9150 0414. We will respond promptly in addressing any query or concern in an effort to resolve any issues efficiently and transparently.