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Commercial law is a term that can apply to many transactions and is used fairly loosely in business ventures of any kind.

This is not entirely unreasonable, as commercial law may in fact be appropriate in a variety of contexts. There is often a fine line when discussing the application of commercial law. For instance, you might consider the purchase or sale of a business to be more accurately labelled conveyancing, or a contract dispute in a building context to fall under construction law.

It all depends, of course, on the specifics of the transaction: what specific law governs the transaction and what is the nature of the transaction to be performed, as well as the nature of the dispute, if any? An experienced business lawyer can help you answer these complex questions and many more.


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Does your Situation Require a Business Lawyer?

Experts in commercial law can advise you on the terms and implications of contracts and guide negotiations in a variety of contexts, including:

  • Reviewing and executing loan documents so you can secure a loan;
  • Creating a shareholder agreement for the formation of a new company;
  • Drafting the terms and conditions for your organisation;
  • Entering into a joint venture with another person to complete a particular project;
  • Selling a business;
  • Or any arrangement whereby some good or service is provided in exchange for payment.

Improve your Commercial Contract with Advice from Legal Experts

Experience the benefits of working with highly skilled business lawyers. At Gavel & Page, everything we do, in one form or another, involves the review, negotiation or drafting of a contract.

Our business lawyers are well-versed in commercial law. They are careful and diligent with the fine print; provide clear, consistent, meaningful and strategic advice regardless of the transaction; and speak in a language that you can understand. We also advise you on the wider implications of a transaction to ensure your intentions are reflected and your interests are protected.