Our Story – Your Benefit

Not Your Average Property Lawyers

Law firms can be traditional, dry and impersonal.

When Gavel & Page Lawyers was established, our primary motivation was to create a firm and a culture that was modern, flexible, accommodating, innovative and, dare we say, refreshing.


gavel and page property and construction lawyers. Outside courtyard signage to office. Lawyers with a difference.

We have moved away from the infamous billable hour as much as professionally possible. We provide competitive but flexible pricing, and we focus on building relationships with our clients, not merely treating them as transactions.We have fostered a creative environment, a place where expert business, construction, strata and property lawyers want to work and provide superior customer service to each client, every step of the way.We believe that when you trust your team and give them some freedom, provide education and development, focus on the client and add a little bit of life to the mix, you can exceed expectations and build lifelong relationships.We are always looking to add colour to the grey.The fact that we have established and maintained our business purely on word of mouth referrals is testament to the satisfaction of our clients.

How You Benefit from Our Lawyers’ Unique Approach

Our unique approach results in some real benefits to you:

  • You will experience 100% satisfaction. We are driven to achieve this, whatever it takes.
  • You will have a fantastic experience working with our hand-picked staff. They not only possess exceptional skill, but also exceptional attitudes.
  • You will receive superior client service and top quality work from our staff. Because we respect and empower our team, they enjoy their work and pass on the benefits to you.
  • You will work with masters of the craft and experts in the field, not general practitioners.
  • You will get a tailored and personalised service at extremely competitive prices.
  • You will never be turned away just because of cost. We work hard to accommodate different budgets.
  • You will benefit from our healthy and trusted supplier network. If you need a referral, whether to an agent, broker, consultant or accountant, we can facilitate those introductions.
  • You will be treated as a person who deserves a certain level of respect, patience and understanding, not as another transaction.
  • You will never be left in the dark. You will receive transparent fees, be continually kept up-to-date and be informed of strategy and processes.
  • Your community is our priority. We regularly hold fundraising and other events for Youth off the Streets. So far, we have raised approximately $100,000 on their behalf. We always aim to enrich the community in which we live.
  • You will regularly deal with a trusted, competent and professional advisor instead of being bounced around between departments.
  • You will find us to be down-to-earth, personable and refreshingly modern in everything we do. You can contact us at any time and we will take the time to ensure you understand the matter at hand.