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If you own or live in a block of strata units, you must adhere to the by-laws and rules that govern the strata scheme. Sometimes there is a lack of compliance with those rules. This may not necessarily be a building dispute, but nevertheless, some early action may be required to avoid one.

Strata schemes are unique in that so many different people, personalities, wants, needs and priorities reside in one building. It is important, therefore, to obtain the right advice early in order to support good relations amongst owners and resolve building disputes quickly. That’s where a skilled strata lawyers can help.


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Common Sources of Conflict in Strata Schemes

Building dispute scenarios can occur in various forms. Some examples of the topics that may cause conflict within a strata scheme include:

  • Renovations to a lot: You may need to consider who will review and manage the process, obtain the necessary permissions, or dispute the processes or manner in which work has been done.
  • Damage: Sometimes, renovations to one lot can cause damage to a neighbouring lot. You will need to decide whether the Strata Manager or lot owner should be approached, whether any repairs need to be carried out, and what is required to resolve the issue.
  • Pets: Some properties allow pets, while others do not. Action may be required if there is a breach of agreement.
  • Noise: Action may be required if there is noise that disturbs neighbours, or is considered to be a nuisance.
  • Management: Generally, the owners of a strata scheme will enter into a Strata Management Agreement for the management of the building. Sometimes the Strata Managers are not doing what they are supposed to, or they may be engaged in questionable conduct.
  • Builders and suppliers: Allegations of defective work may arise, as well as problems with third party suppliers, builders, maintenance, access, or breaches of agreement.

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Gavel & Page understands the intricacies of strata law. No matter the nature of the building dispute or complaint, our strata lawyers can assist in resolving any issues that arise and provide clear and actionable advice. Whether we initiate negotiation or take formal action, you are able to continue enjoying your living environment.