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How a Construction Lawyer Can Streamline Your Next Project

The world of construction is filled with pressure to secure a tender, to keep costs low, to find the right suppliers and to finish work on time and within budget. Builders and developers also must be compliant with any relevant legislation, such as the Security of Payment Act. Often, the mountain of documents and agreements required to commence and complete such a project can dwarf the scale of the build itself.

It is critical that you align yourself with experienced construction lawyers to guide you through the procedural and contractual requirements. The right legal advice can help you to carry out a seamless project.


Building and Construction Lawyers Sydney | Gavel & Page


Get Expert Legal Advice for Every Aspect of Your Construction Project

Gavel & Page construction lawyers can assist with a variety of tasks, because it is not always a dispute that prompts the need for legal advice.

Our construction lawyers are always available to answer your questions and offer the necessary legal services for:

  • Building and sub-contracts;
  • Construction management agreements;
  • Defect disputes;
  • Supplier agreements and numerous construction-related documents required to secure and run your next project.

At the same time, if a problem or dispute does arise, whether pursuant to the Security of Payment Act, or with a neighbour or under contract, our highly skilled construction lawyers can provide the insight and advice to see it resolved.


Building and Construction Lawyers Sydney | Gavel & Page


Let Us Become Your Trusted Advisor for Construction-Related Matters

We pride ourselves on forging strong, mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with our clients. They know they can call on us with any query or transaction, regardless of how trivial it may appear. With Gavel & Page, you gain a trusted advisor that is always approachable and easy to reach, so you’re never left to ponder what the next move should be. Learn more about our law firm’s unique ethos under Our Story.

To find out how our experienced team of construction lawyers can assist you, simply call our offices at +61(02) 9150 0414 or send us an email.