Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation Help When You Need It

When a dispute arises and the parties are unable to resolve it amicably, it often results in court action. If commercial litigation is necessary, certain considerations must be taken into account to maintain or defend such proceedings.

As with any litigation there are risks, delays, uncertainty and costs.

Gavel & Page lawyers possess the skill and experience to assist you from our initial review of the matter and strategy development, through the drafting of formal pleadings and collection of evidence, to the final court appearance.

Our experienced commercial litigation lawyers have the expertise to deal with the complex and technical nature of any dispute in clear, simple language. We keep you informed and ensure you understand the processes involved in commercial litigation, the risks associated with decisions, the status of your matter as well as the strategy being employed.

We protect your interests by proactively addressing any issues in dispute and are always available to answer your questions. While remaining conscious of costs and means, we provide the highest quality of service and communication to resolve matters and maximise the opportunities for an ideal outcome.

A Gavel and Page commercial litigation lawyer, fighting for the best possible outcome in a lititgation

Various Commercial Transactions May Result in Dispute

Commercial litigation is a broad phrase that encompasses a range of potential disputes and variables. There are too many different types of disputes to address them all here, but a few examples may include:

  • Contractual disputes in a commercial contract;
  • Contractual disputes between the parties in a tenancy arrangement;
  • Disputes in building contracts;
  • Disputes between a supplier and purchaser of goods, or for the provision of services;
  • Disputes in a professional services environment, or
  • Under a consultancy agreement.

In principle, the general processes may be similar across commercial disputes, but each dispute has its own nuances and specific issues, requiring an experienced and tailored approach.

Common Pitfalls and the Need for a Tailored Response

While the facts and circumstances leading to a dispute will differ from case to case, some scenarios that often result in a dispute include:

  • A failure to deliver a good or service as agreed
  • Goods or services delivered differently than promised
  • Failure to make payments
  • An apparent misrepresentation that led to one party entering into the contract
  • A failure to comply with strict obligations under a contract
  • A change in circumstances that leaves one party unable to comply with a condition
  • A failure to understand obligations
  • An innocent oversight that has led to loss
  • Damage to items or property
  • Disagreements as to the meaning of particular clauses or the obligations of the parties.

A Gavel and Page commercial litigation lawyer going into deep details to make sure for the best possible outcome

Resolving such disputes depends on the particulars of the contract and circumstances involved. Even the law governing the dispute may vary, according to the specific nature and facts of the case. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each matter must be considered independently.

By proactively seeking out important material early on, we assist you in making timely and informed decisions, saving time and money in the long run. Read more about our law firm’s unique mission under Our Story.

It’s Never Too Late to Obtain Commercial Litigation Advice

In any dispute, stress and emotions often run high. We understand this and provide a calm, rational and informed assessment of the matter, both from a legal and commercial perspective.