Commercial Contracts

Contract lawyers – the Experts in Drafting Commercial Agreements

Commercial contracts come in many shapes and sizes. Drafting or entering into such a contract will require advice that is tailored specifically to you, your circumstances and the intended agreement. An experienced business or contract lawyer can ensure that your next commercial agreement covers all the bases.

A commercial agreement can mean many things. It may entail:

  • Commercial terms and conditions for a business;
  • A general agreement to document and reflect the commercial terms agreed by parties entering into a business venture or investment;
  • Contracts for the sale or purchase of a business;
  • Buy and sell agreements;
  • Confidentiality agreements;
  • Commercial leases (including retail leases);
  • Shareholder agreements;
  • Franchise agreements;
  • Distribution agreements;
  • Partnership agreements between parties;
  • Agreements for the provision of services to various clients;
  • Agreements for the provision of goods to the general public or specific businesses;
  • Supply-related agreements; and
  • Purchase order and delivery-related transactions.

A contract lawyer from Gavel and Page, spinning all his different ideas to make a good commercial agreement.

What You Need to Know About Commercial Agreements

We discuss a number of these specific agreements on our website but, in fact, commercial contracts are many and varied. Therefore, it is difficult to elaborate on all of them here. In the most general sense, an agreement can be considered a commercial contract if:

  • One party requires terms to be documented that reflect the way in which a business will be conducted, or the way in which goods or services will be provided; or
  • Where two or more parties come to an agreement that needs to be documented in a formally binding contract.

Such commercial agreements typically will provide:

  • The rights and obligations of the parties;
  • The manner in which business will be conducted;
  • The understanding and expectations of the parties involved;
  • The amount of payment required and the manner in which payment should be made;
  • Procedures for disputes and claims; and
  • Procedures for addressing and defining terms or expectations for a specific type of agreement or transaction.

Understand Your Contract with the Assistance of Friendly Business Lawyers

Commercial agreements can underpin different kinds of relationships, whether it is a one-off supply, transaction or performance of a specific task, or an ongoing relationship with numerous, ongoing transactions.

To best fulfil your needs, our business and contract lawyers meet with you to discuss the nature of the transaction or venture you are considering. Once we fully understand what you are hoping to achieve, we can appropriately advise you on any agreement you might require.

We do not merely consider the technicalities of the document. Rather, our business and contract lawyers consider the nature of the transaction from both a practical and commercial perspective. We ensure you have a complete understanding of any potential consequences and manage your expectations, enabling you to make an informed decision.

We never leave you with a complex document that you don’t really understand, but rather a practical, exhaustive and clear document that you and other parties can easily reference.

Know Your Rights and Obligations Before You Sign

In some cases, you may not be the one drafting a contract, but rather, another party has given you an agreement to sign.

It is critical to obtain professional advice early on, especially if the document is not written in plain language. You must understand the proposed terms, obligations and any risks you may face in entering into the agreement.

Gavel & Page contract lawyers and business lawyers take the time to carefully dissect the agreement you have been given to ensure your intentions are reflected in that document. We identify any areas of uncertainty or risk and will negotiate a more neutral contract on your behalf.

Get Professional Advice from Experienced Contract Lawyers

Commercial agreements or ventures can be incredibly costly in the event of a dispute or misunderstanding. Such an outcome is usually the result of poorly drafted or poorly understood documents. Make sure your commercial contract does not end in dispute. Simply call (02) 9150 0415 or send us an email to get expert advice from Gavel & Page contract lawyers and business lawyers.