Property Disputes & Litigation

Legal Advice Can Resolve Your Property Dispute Quickly

A property dispute involves a disagreement, conflict or misunderstanding which centres on a property-related transaction. Such disputes may relate to:

  • A residential house or unit
  • Industrial or commercial property
  • Rural property, or even vacant land.

Property disputes can have significant consequences for the parties involved, as property is the single largest financial investment for many people. Resolving your property dispute quickly and effectively is essential to protect your quality of life.

People tugging on a rope, trying to win a dispute.

Potential Property Conflicts

Disputes vary widely and might arise in any number of circumstances. Examples may include:

  • A dividing fence dispute with a neighbour, where a fence may require repair or replacement, or there are concerns about damage or safety.
  • A neighbour causing nuisance, loss or damage as a result of activity on their property.
  • A neighbouring property encroaching on another party’s land, where that party demands it be removed, or compensation paid.
  • An easement required by one party to enable another to undertake some form of development.
  • The need to lodge a caveat over a property, or to seek to have that caveat removed.
  • Damage caused to a strata owner’s lot or to common property in a strata building, or any form of dispute with a strata manager.

These are merely a handful of general disagreements that may arise, but the reality is that property disputes come in all shapes and sizes. Some may be simple and specific, while more complex conflicts can stem from the ownership of a property or the right of title.


A man climbing the ladder a Gavel and Page dispute lawyer gave him so he can escape the way full of people running from their not-properly-handled disputes.


Specific Cases Require Tailored Advice

Depending on the specific scenario, nature of loss, damage or type of dispute at hand, the proper legal response may involve different pieces of legislation, evidence and considerations. Ultimately, you usually will require tailored advice on the matter.

A specific example may involve the conveyancing process bringing to light information that is detrimental to one party which was misrepresented or not disclosed previously. Such issues need to be addressed urgently to ensure interests are protected, with specific evidence of discussions had and representations made, the reliance placed on those representations and the loss suffered.

In each individual case, the skilled property lawyers at Gavel & Page maintain a keen eye on the relevant issues and evidence. We have the proficiency and experience to handle a wide range of property disputes, which enables us to achieve a successful outcome for you.