Purchase of Property

Purchase of property

A property will be offered for sale, either privately to the buyer, or at auction to the highest bidder. Usually, a potential buyer will obtain a copy of the contract, containing all the necessary documentation and terms from the seller directly or via the real estate agent, beforehand.

This is where your property lawyer steps in and reviews the contract on your behalf, clarifies the terms and conditions and informs and advises you of anything unusual or any potential complications you may face.

At Gavel & Page, we employ a team of highly skilled property lawyers who can assist with all your conveyancing needs throughout Sydney and the surrounding area.

We will negotiate on your behalf with the seller or the seller’s lawyer for a host of items, which may include:

  • Favourable terms
  • Cooling-off periods
  • How and where the deposit is held
  • Minimising areas where too much risk is placed on you
  • Clarifying any ambiguities or uncertainties

Our property lawyers will ensure that the terms and conditions are in your favour, or, at the very least, that they are fair. Above all, we make sure you understand what you are agreeing to.

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Negotiation with Third Parties and Final Settlement

We do all the checks with third-party organisations and associations, some of which may be:

  • Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to determine, for instance, whether there is a proposal to widen roads that may affect your land;
  • Jemena Gas to determine, for instance, whether there is a proposal to install gas lines that would require easements over your land; and
  • Heritage searches to determine whether the land is placed on any local or state heritage registers that may affect your use of the land.

Searches such as these are not mandatory, but we strongly recommend them for our clients’ peace of mind. As we say, the purchase of property is likely to be the largest transaction you will ever make. Therefore, it makes sense to be prudent.

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Finally, our property lawyers attend to the final settlement of the property on your behalf, liaise with banks, stakeholders and other parties and undertake the necessary due diligence for you to hold the keys in hand. We do this, so you do not have to lift a finger.

Purchase of property - gavel and page lawyers

Getting Legal Advice for Your Property Conveyance in Sydney

It is important for buyers to seek out timely and meaningful advice as to the various terms, risks and pitfalls associated with purchasing off-the-plan. Visit our comprehensive Conveyancing Price Guide For Sydney to find out more information