Gavel & Page Difference

A Law Firm with a Difference

We believe that what makes us different also greatly benefits you.

The common stereotype is that lawyers and law firms are “stuffy”, swamped with bureaucracy, they cannot easily adapt. They are notoriously expensive and are not generous with information or advice, at least not before payment is made.




Our Difference:

  • Our focus really is our client, not our budget. We take the time to understand your circumstances and provide well thought out, proactive solutions, to effectively and efficiently enable you to achieve the outcome you are after. Our solutions are focussed on you, not us.
  • We aim to always over-deliver and ensure each and every client is left completely satisfied. We do not believe in quick one-off transactions. We like to see our clients again and we want our clients to recommend us to their friends as well. Customer service is of the utmost importance to us; in fact, it is just as important as delivering exceptional legal services.
  • Our services are tailored to each individual. Many firms use template documents, speak to you as though they are reading from a script and try and fit previous approaches to each new matter. Each client is different, each client’s needs and circumstances are unique and the most appropriate solution comes from listening and learning from our clients before we offer a resolution. We adopt a very personal approach and have long abandoned our ivory towers.
  • We pride ourselves on the ability to build lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients and become a trusted advisor. We work to understand our clients’ needs and circumstances intimately. In so doing, our ability to achieve an ideal outcome, both cost-efficiently and effectively is increased exponentially.
  • We believe in clear, meaningful and consistent communication. The most common complaints we hear from clients are that they were frustrated with lawyers who did not keep them informed about their matter, provided little information as to the process involved for their matter, or simply never responded to queries. We keep you informed, in plain language, each and every step of the way so that you never feel the need to ask for an update.
  • Our team is down to earth, approachable and readily available. We aim to empower our clients with information and education regarding their transactions, so that they are never left in the dark. We also take the time to educate clients about their matters, so that they genuinely understand what is happening and why. Sometimes, this even limits our clients’ need to call on us.
  • Our fees are ultra-competitive. Yet despite this, we remain flexible and are always happy to discuss circumstances limiting our clients’ affordability to try and fit within their budget