Sale of Property

Sale of Property

Engage a Property Lawyer to Sell Your Land Without the Stress

The sale of land will entail a contract with a number of set components, known as standard conditions. In some cases, the contract may also include special conditions, which override the standard terms in the event of any inconsistency. Conditions can be many and are unique to each property, buyer and seller.
Obtaining advice from an experienced property lawyer can help ensure your contract is tailored to the land you wish to sell and protect your interests until the sale is complete. Our Sydney-based team of highly skilled property lawyers can meet all your conveyancing needs, such as drafting a variety of contract conditions.

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Conditions may vary for a host of reasons, including:

    • Current or intended renovations to a property;
    • Council approvals associated with any work carried out at a property;
    • Whether the deposit to be paid is to be released to the seller and used before the transaction is completed;
    • Whether the property encroaches on neighbouring land; and
    • Any matters that might reasonably affect the purchase, which the seller should disclose up front.

Let’s say, for instance, that you have granted your neighbour a right of footway over your property, which hasn’t been registered. Unless you disclose it, the purchaser has no means to actually know about it.

What You Need to Know to Ensure the Sale Is Legal and Complete

Before a property can legally be offered for sale, the contract must be drafted and a number of documents must be attached. Without these, the vendor or agent cannot show the property.

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At Gavel & Page, our property lawyers will schedule a brief meeting or conversation with you to ensure we have all your necessary details and instructions. Thereafter, we get to work and prepare the documents for you. This is a very detail-heavy but not a time-consuming process. We carry out your instructions and include all the compliance measures. Once you have approved the documentation, we can act on your behalf with the real estate agent, potential purchasers and the eventual purchaser, or their solicitor.

After the property is sold, we manage every step of the final settlement to ensure that each party pays the required amount and that the property is sold with a clean title.

Sell Your Property Stress-Free – Speak with a Property Lawyer Today

With Gavel & Page property lawyers, you can rest assured that every detail will be taken care of – from liaising with the seller’s and purchaser’s banks and ensuring that council rates and other relevant charges are up-to-date, to dealing with any caveats on title and ensuring mortgages are paid out, right down to handing over the keys. You can be confident the sale is legal and complete – giving you peace of mind.

Getting Legal Advice for Your Property Conveyance in Sydney

It is important for buyers to seek out timely and meaningful advice as to the various terms, risks and pitfalls associated with purchasing off-the-plan. Visit our comprehensive Conveyancing Price Guide For Sydney to find out more information