When You Need Conveyancing Advice for the Sydney Real Estate Market

Are you looking to buy a property? Or, have you decided to sell your property? Perhaps you are not entirely sure what the process involves, or have a number of questions that have gone unanswered.  Like most people, you are also probably struggling to find expert advice at competitive prices.

Gavel & Page Lawyers are a team of expert property lawyers. By engaging us you will get:

  • Expert advice, delivered in a timely fashion and in a language you can understand.

  • A tailored approach to ensure our service and advice fits your individual needs and circumstances.

  • Unmatched customer service.

  • A remarkably low fixed professional fee from start to end.



Conveyancing is the process of transferring property ownership from one party to another when buying or selling any property: residential, industrial, commercial or rural.

A conveyancer can draw up the necessary paperwork, but they are prevented by law from providing any legal advice outside the strict conveyancing process. The ultra-competitive property market in Sydney can make conveyancing an especially complex process.

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To better understand the implications of these technical documents and to receive advice on the process, you should ask a property lawyer to draw up the contracts or to review them. After all, this is one of the largest transactions most people will ever be involved in.


Man facing the large transaction of buying a house


Why Conveyancing Can Be Complicated – and Not Just in Sydney

Documents in a conveyancing transaction can contain a number of variables, along with many onerous or risky terms. They can have any number of flow-on effects, depending on the nature of the transaction, the property and the parties’ expectations.

The process involved, however, should not be complicated or unnecessarily onerous if the right steps are followed from the beginning. By engaging an expert from the outset, you won’t need a property lawyer to resolve any disputes later.

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Document in a conveyancing transaction that flows easily and uncomplicated because of the help of a conveyancing expert

Getting Legal Advice for Your Property Conveyance in Sydney

It is important for buyers to seek out timely and meaningful advice as to the various terms, risks and pitfalls associated with purchasing off-the-plan, selling off-the-plan, splitting property or just transacting property. Visit our comprehensive Conveyancing Price Guide For Sydney to find out more information