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This quote is broken up into professional services and disbursement costs:

Professional Services

$990 + GST (Fixed Price)

This is a lump sum fixed price payable at the end of the transaction.
Despite how competitive our fees are, if you engage us today, you will have until the settlement of your matter to find a lower price and if you do, we’ll beat it by 5%


Unlike many competitors, we do not charge a different price depending on location, type or proposed price of the property.

While our professional fees are fixed at a low rate, every purchase of residential property in NSW will carry some limited disbursements in addition to the professional fees.

In NSW, no matter if use a solicitor or conveyancer, the disbursements you will incur will include things such as a final search, a council rates certificate, water usage and land tax certificates. These are needed to proceed to settlement.

There are also some optional disbursements, which aim to determine if any institution has any interest in the property you are buying. These should always be discussed with you and will vary depending on the type and location of the property. It is important to note, that we make no margin or add anything to these costs. We simply purchase them on your behalf and seek reimbursement at settlement.

With most of us investing well over $500,000 for any property, ensuring good and clean title is essential and having the reassurance that such a large investment is protected is priceless.

We have outlined the mandatory disbursements and their purpose and cost below to give you an indication as to the likely overall cost. This should be discussed with you in detail.

Title Search


This shows the owners of land and any dealings on title or any unregistered dealings on title and is a required document

Plan of Land


Layout, location and usually size of the lot being sold

88B Instrument


Required if applicable and shows restrictions on the use of the land

Section 149(2)&(5) Certificate

$150 (Varies from Council to Council)

This is a certificate obtained from the local council which identifies many relevant items in connection with the property and general area in which the property is located, such as zoning, permitted uses, dangers among other things

Sewer Diagram


Layout and location of sewer pipes within property

Allowance for One Dealing


This amont changes depending on how many dealings are on the title, which will not be known until the title search is carried out.
It is a requirement to attach to any contract for the sale of land dealing that may be registered on title, such as easements and covenants etc. What is on title and how many will determine how many dealings need to be obtained to comply with obligations.

Settlement Attendance Fee


Total Estimate:


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