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This quote is broken up into professional services and disbursement costs:

Professional Services

$990 + GST (Fixed Price)

This is a lump sum fixed price payable at the end of the transaction.
Despite how competitive our fees are, if you engage us today, you will have until the settlement of your matter to find a lower price and if you do, we’ll beat it by 5%


Unlike many competitors, we do not charge a different price depending on location, type or proposed price of the property.

Unlike many competitors, we do not charge you for paper clips, envelopes, photocopying and other sundries.

In fact, we do not charge you anything else at all, except for money we may spend on your behalf for searches and similar disbursements required for your matter.

Every purchase / sale of residential property in NSW will carry some limited disbursements that need to be obtained. These might include things like a final title search to ensure the property you are buying has not been affected by any other interests, or things like council rates certificate, water usage and land tax certificates, all needed to proceed to settlement.

There are also some optional disbursements, which aim to determine if any institution has any interest in the property you are buying. We will discuss these with you in any event, but they are not required, only optional.

We have outlined the mandatory disbursements and their purpose and cost below to give you an indication as to the likely overall cost. This should be discussed with you in detail.

As a guide however, the cost of a title search is approximately $16, while other required certificates range in price from $15 to $100. So even though some searches are absolutely required, they are not particularly expensive.

Please note, we do not make any margin on any disbursement, we simply pay for them on your behalf and seek reimbursement of our cost at settlement.

Title Search


This will be a final search at or before settlement to ensure you are receiving “clean” title and that nothing has been registered in the interim

Section 603 Certificate

$100 (varies from Council to Council)

This search is obtained from Council and reveals the rates payable for the current year. This search is required for settlement purposes and must be obtained

Section 47 Certificate


This search indicates whether any land tax in payable in relation to the property and is essential for settlement purposes

Section 66 Certificate


This certificate indicates the water rates and usage charges payable for the current quarter and whether those rates are outstanding. This certificate is required for settlement purposes and must be obtained

Settlement Attendance Fee


Total Estimate:


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