Strata Levy Debt Recovery

Support Your Strata Scheme with Debt Recovery Lawyers

Every lot owner in a strata building needs to pay strata levies, which are pooled into funds for the upkeep and maintenance of the strata scheme.

Strata levies are critical for the ongoing maintenance and enjoyment of the building and its environment. Many lot owners, however, fail to pay these levies when and as they fall due. That’s when debt recovery lawyers step in.

If an owner falls into arrears, those payments need to be recovered efficiently and effectively. Gavel & Page debt recovery lawyers take care of this process on behalf of the strata managers and Owner’s Corporation.

Let Debt Recovery Lawyers Do the Work

We provide a complete suite of services related to the collection of strata levies, including:

  • drafting letters of demand;
  • liaising and negotiating with owners and clients;
  • commencing proceedings; and
  • implementing any action required to recover any monies payable by the lot owner, including enforcement of judgments once proceedings have finalised.

Working with the Owners’ Corporation (OC) requires an in-depth understanding of the specific legislation that covers OCs and strata schemes. A current working knowledge of the rules around strata schemes is essential to navigate the diverse and lengthy disputes associated with strata debt recovery.

At Gavel & Page, we focus on legal matters related to property and construction, especially strata law. Our debt recovery lawyers are experienced and well-equipped to assist you in recovering monies owed by lot owners.

Benefit from Our Affordable Fees

With Gavel & Page, you will find debt recovery lawyers who act promptly, provide meaningful advice and communicate clearly. For your peace of mind, our fees are fixed and agreed at the outset. Learn more about our commitment to transparency under Our Story. Simply call (02) 9150 0415 or send us an email to contact us directly.