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Our Areas Of Expertise

Conveyancing and Leasing

Property transactions are arguably the largest kind of transactions you will ever make. Experience our property lawyers ’ clear, expert and collaborative style as you are guided through the process – stress free.

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Construction Law

Construction related transactions or disputes can be complex and costly. With a wealth of experience, adopting a technical yet commercial perspective, let our experts guide you through the maze and achieve the best solution.

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Development And Strata

Our services are uniquely geared toward the development lifecycle. Enjoy peace of mind with an expert team in your corner and focus on delivering a project on time and in budget.

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Litigation and Disputes

When a dispute arises, you need the sharpest legal minds on your side. Learn how our experienced team can increase your chance of a successful outcome.

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Debt Recovery

Our debt recovery lawyers can help you collect what is owed to you and protect the future of your business.

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Commercial Law

Whether writing an agreement or representing you in court, our expert business lawyers  always take the time to fully explain your commercial matter and ensure you understand your options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Else Can You Expect

  1. Clear Communication

    Out with the jargon and in with language you can understand. We communicate with our clients regularly, clearly and reliably.

  2. Tailored Service

    We tailor our services to each individual circumstance. Our customised approach has made us a leading trusted advisor in our industry.

  3. Cost Effective

    You will be amazed to learn just how competitive our costs are. Cost should not exclude anyone from obtaining legal services.

  4. Added Value

    We have a healthy supplier network, including agents, accountants, brokers and consultants. We can recommend a trusted professional who will meet your needs.

  5. 360-Degree View

    We pride ourselves on achieving a 360-degree understanding of your property, construction or commercial matter, incorporating both a legal and practical perspective.

  6. Transparency

    Nothing is hidden and nothing is uncertain. We will let you know if we can help and how much it will cost. We will also tell you if there is a better solution available outside of our firm.


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