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So far we have discussed the preliminary steps and considerations you need to make when deciding to sell your property, as well as some of the more technical steps and concepts involved in the conveyancing process. Once you have selected an agent, spoken with your solicitor, dealt with any issues that need to be dealt […]

In our last article in this series, we explored some of the preliminary and relevant steps and considerations you needed to take in selling your property. We continue with our second instalment of this series with a more in depth look at some of the technical aspects involved.   The Contract Firstly, a bit of […]

So you are thinking about or have decided to sell your property. Properties are sold for a variety of reasons, upsizing or downsizing, financial reasons, taking advantage of an opportunity and in some cases, the unfortunate break-down in a marital or other relationship. Regardless of the reason, there is a process involved and a number […]

We have been long term supporters of Youth Off the Streets and the ongoing work they do for our young Australians and the difference they make in their lives. Gavel & Page Lawyers have proudly organised two previous charity events for Youth Off the Streets, which were very well received and where close to $100,000 […]

  Usually, when a deposit is paid under a Contract for Sale of Land, the deposit is held by either the Vendor’s agent or solicitor in their trust account.  Where the deposit is held by the agent, the deposit is usually invested in an interest bearing account, with any interest earned shared equally between the […]

So you are in the market to buy a new property?  It can be both an exciting and yet daunting prospect, particularly given the many things you will need to consider throughout the process.   What is conveyancing and what is involved? Put simply, conveyancing is the transfer of ownership of property from one person […]

An often asked question and frequently a major consideration for most people when selling their property is: how much is it all going to cost. The reality is that the answer to that question is: it depends. It depends on which service provider you use, what is required as part of the process and how […]

Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (the Act) and associated Regulations have been amended effective from 1 July 2016. Along with the the introduction of the new Act, will be the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015. Restrictions on Parties With Connections to Developer Unless they are an owner in the building, any building manager or equivalent […]

There has been new Legislation introduced, the Conveyancing Amendment (Sunset Clauses) Act 2015 which was effective as of 17 November 2015. The new legislation applies to Vendors rescinding under “Sunset Dates” in off-the-plan contracts for residential property. What you now need to do to rescind under a Sunset Clause Previously, if a Sunset Date expired, […]

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